Equipping Track Discipleship

Crossroads Equipping Strategy
A path for becoming disciples who make disciples

Crossroads’ Equipping Strategy is designed as a path to follow as you grow closer with God. The order shown is the recommended sequence; however each segment can be taken in any order desired.

  • * Pizza with the Pastor /Orientation - How to connect with Following Jesus (membership class), a Small Group, as well as growth and serving opportunities.
  • * Join a Small Group - The core of Crossroads' ministry. The means through which we fulfill the purpose of the church.
  • * Attend Encounter Retreat (Experience Jesus’ grace and healing)
  • * Equipping Track

Crossroads Equipping Track:

  • A. “Be a Disciple” (Grow in your own faith)
    • * Following Jesus Class
      • Following Jesus is the new Core Class of Crossroads Church. Learn how to pray, worship, understand the Bible, deal with temptation, put Jesus first, share your faith, serve other people, etc. Learn about Crossroads Church and United Methodists. At the end of the class you may join Crossroads Church if you so desire.
      • 9 weeks - required for membership
      • Monday, June 23, 6:30-8pm
      • Childcare Provided
  • B. “Make a Disciple” (Help others to know Christ)
    • * Making Disciples 1
      • - For people who want to become group leaders, or people exploring that possibility.
      • - 6 weeks
    • * Making Disciples 2
      • - For group leaders and apprentices. How to make disciples through leading a small group.
      • - Pre-requisite: Apprentices who have completed Making Disciples 1
      • - 8 weeks
  • C. Additional Equipping
    • * New Testament Overview
      • - Learn about the New Testament and how to apply it to your life.
      • - 7 weeks
    • * Old Testament Overview
      • - Learn about the Old Testament and how to apply it to your life.
      • - 7 weeks
    • * Attend Beyond Encounter Retreat (Take up the cross and follow Jesus)
    • * Crossroads Training School
      • A. Campus Pastor and Church Planter Internship and Course
      • B. International Church Planting and Missions Training